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[NEW Recipe!] Pramie Haus Yuzu Sausage Fried Rice
24 Nov 2023

Serving 2-3 pax!

Indulge your taste buds with our delectable Yuzu Sausage Fried Rice, a tantalizing fusion of flavors that combines the rich, savory goodness of premium sausages with the citrusy zing of fresh yuzu!



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[NEW Recipe!] Iberico Char Siew With Rice
06 Oct 2023

Serving 1-2 Pax

Introducing our delectable Iberico Char Siew recipe! We've taken the rich, marbled goodness of Iberico pork and infused it with the savory-sweet flavors of traditional Chinese Char Siew.

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[NEW Recipe!] Claypot Rice With Pramie Haus Sausage
01 Aug 2023

Using our sausages, our local influencer recreated a special recipe to replace the conventional lap cheong in claypot rice!

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